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ASCA members enjoy exclusive member access to best brands and prices on a broad range of school supplies, from cashless online ordering systems, school furniture, photocopier paper, resources, computer equipment and more!

Our fundamental objectives are to assist schools to purchase more effectively and improve their profitability by negotiating favourable discounts from companies supplying schools.

We are the largest school buying group in Australia with over 6,000 members, so ASCA members can enjoy sizeable discounts from a broad range of quality suppliers that are focused on delivering great service to schools.

School Membership Benefits

Schools benefit from the independent advice and specialist knowledge that ASCA has of suppliers that specialise in the school market, and our 40+ years of experience in working with schools. ASCA carefully chooses its Preferred Suppliers to maximise value and benefits for schools:

  • Best prices - for the product in the marketplace
  • Best brands - which are most attractive to schools and students
  • Best service - including the ability to effectively deliver to members, and understand school requirements
  • Quality products –that already have a record of success in the school environment

Additionally ASCA also offers:

  • Termly Newsletters and monthly e-News with special deals, information and promotions from ASCA Preferred Suppliers 
  • Free staff benefits program: Take advantage of ASCAplus staff benefits program - great discounts for school staff and volunteers across a great range of products and services!
  • Events - conferences and network meetings to meet suppliers and network with peers
  • Workshops, webinars and advice from a dedicated Area Manager to maximise your school’s purchasing effectiveness

We're proud of our successes in delivering these benefits to schools and strive to continue to deliver exceptional results for our members.

Benefiting the School, the Canteen, and reaching children in need.

When your School purchases from ASCA Preferred suppliers, you are also helping ASCA’s charitable foundation which supports the education of vulnerable children.

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School Product Categories:

  • Office Supplies and Services                                                                                                      
  • Systems and Technology                                                             
  • Property and Facilities                                                                                                                  
  • Education Resources
  • Parent Purchases
  • Staff Benefits
  • Systems for Parent Online Ordering and Cashless Payment

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