With over 20 years’ experience in the energy management sector, Utilacor can transform your energy usage. Utilacor will help your school reduce consumption, cut costs and improve efficiency – now and into the future.

Tendering and negotiation of your energy contract

Utilacor are not energy brokers, Utilacor accepts no commissions or rebates. Utilacor is 100% independent and transparent and fully committed to helping you achieve the best possible energy supply outcome:

  • Identify the best procurement conditions and opportunities 
  • Evaluate and rank all retailer offers
  • Identify the most competitive proposal
  • Support you in making the right choice
  • Secure the best possible contract terms
  • Project your future energy spend (1-5 years)

Energy management monthly reporting service 

With a team of specialist analysts and the industry’s most advanced energy management tool, kWatch®, Utilacor will:

  • Diagnose billing errors and recover overcharges
  • Analyse historical and review expected usage before entering new contracts
  • Identify short and long term consumption trends
  • Recommend solutions that will deliver real savings to your business
  • Implement energy performance improvements
  • Protect against energy price volatility

Wholesale pool purchasing

If your site is suited to wholesale electricity purchasing, your business could save dramatically on energy costs:

  • Educate you on how the wholesale  market works
  • Outline the advantages and perceived risks of wholesale purchasing
  • Determine your site’s level of flexibility and suitability 
  • Measure the financial benefits to your business when compared to a fixed priced model

Member benefit:

10% off Utilacor services: Tendering and negotiaiton of energy contracts, Energy bill monitoring and monthly reporting service, Wholesale pool purchasing


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