Teacher Search

Teacher Search allows you to directly employ suitably qualified teachers for a low monthly subscription. Their fees are a fraction of the cost of employment agency commissions. Your low subscription can be recovered after placing just a few relief teacher days. There are no surprises for your budget, their monthly subscription covers all online training materials and Unlimited Relief Teacher placements. Schools can access relief teachers online and research teachers' school preferences, skills and calendar availability.

Member benefit:

20% discount on annual fee

Guarantee - Your relief list will grow by 45 teachers (50% bonus for ASCA members) normally 30 in the first year or Teacher Search is free until you have 45 new teachers

How to order: Mention you are an ASCA member when ordering


Tel: 1800 0 SEARCH

Web: teachersearch.com.au/ASCA/

Supplier PDFs: 
Find relief teachers for free in 2019
Load your relief teacher list within 45 days of signing up and Teacher Search is FREE until the end of 2019