P&C Uniforms

P&C Uniforms, established in 1987, is a family owned and operated company, and proud to be an affiliate school uniform sponsor of ASCA. They are committed to:

  • the highest level of quality
  • on time delivery
  • experienced personnel to solve any school uniform shop problem.

P&C Uniforms services will provide your school with reliable and professional:

  • wholesale supply
  • on-campus retail management
  • advanced online solutions
  • 3D uniform design storyboards
  • uniform stock service program

P&C Uniforms’ Shanghai office (established 1999)

Provides more control over quality and buying power. We cut out the middle man by sourcing fabrics and accessories direct from mills and manufacturers, which then allows us to pass on those savings to our customers. Our uniform prices are 10-15% less than the competition based on the same level of quality, materials, and design.

P&C Uniforms has the know-how:

Our experienced staff draw from their wealth of industry knowledge to provide the best service possible, providing training and support for ordering, stock management, and uniform design and implementation. Call us today to book a consultation with one of our Sales Representatives.

Along with an excellent record of customer longevity, our credentials include:

  • QLD DET SOA 101124 preferred wholesaler of school uniforms
  • NSW DET 100323007 preferred school uniform supplier
  • P&C’s Queensland major uniform sponsor
  • MTAQ (Music Teachers Association of Qld) sponsor.

Member Benefit:

Quote P&C123 to receive:

  • 25% off staff uniforms
  • 10% less than your existing school uniform buy price *

* Make to order uniforms only


Tel: 1800 811 202

Email: info@pcuniforms.com.au

Web: pcuniforms.com.au

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