OMF - Original Mattress Factory

Original Mattress Factory (OMF) was founded in 2007 by Fantastic Holdings Limited with steady, controlled store growth to 25 stores by June 2017. OMF today has 38 stores throughout NSW and Queensland with a rapid store expansion strategy across Victoria, South Australia, West Australia and Tasmania currently being executed.

OMF focuses on a core, Value Proposition, with lower mattress price points than the bigger, more established retail brands in the market place and a Fast Delivery / Always in Stock model, supplied primarily by local mattress manufacturers. The store team members are true mattress specialists and as such, the business offers a '100-Night Comfort Guarantee' to ensure customers get the most suitable mattress for their particular needs.

Member benefit

  • Discount of 10% off all gift cards
  • The gift card will cost 10% less than the face value - for example a gift card of $100 will cost only $90
  • The gift card can be used to buy any product in the store for the brand including items which are on sale

​How to

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  3. ​​Note - this website will only accept direct deposit as payment due to the enormous amount of fraudulent credit card usage in the gift card space


Call or email with your name, contact number, preferred email address, and denomination of gift card and brand requested. 

Telephone: 1300 295 765



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