Freedom began in 1981 with a vision to help all Australians create a home that they love coming home to. Whether you need a new statement sofa or something small to finish your room, Freedom have pieces big and small.

Freedom aim to inspire all Australians to express their individuality and sense of style in their home. At Freedom, you can always find something that suits your home, tastes and lifestyle. The Freedom range of furniture is carefully chosen for style and function and rigorously tested for durability so you can treat your home to a little luxury knowing you’ll love it as much in years to come as you do today. And with freedom stores all around the country, and beautiful new things arriving in-store and online all the time, there’s no end to our story.

Member benefit

  • Discount of 10% off all gift cards
  • The gift card will cost 10% less than the face value - for example a gift card of $100 will cost only $90
  • The gift card can be used to buy any product in store for the brand including items which are on sale

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  3. ​Note - this website will only accept direct deposit as payment due to the enormous amount of fraudulent credit card usage in the gift card space


Call 1300 295 765 or email with your name, contact number, preferred email address, and denomination of gift card and brand requested. 

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