Membership Benefits

ASCA is a unique not for profit member association focused solely on schools. Our fundamental objectives are to assist schools purchase more effectively, and to improve the profitability of school canteens by negotiating favourable discounts from companies supplying schools and school canteens.

We are the largest school buying group in Australia with over 5200 members, so ASCA member schools and their canteens can enjoy sizeable discounts from a broad range of quality suppliers that are focused on delivering great service to schools.

School Benefits

Schools benefit from the independent advice and specialist knowledge that ASCA has of suppliers that specialise in the school market, and its 39 years of experience in working with school canteens. ASCA carefully chooses its suppliers to maximise value and benefits for schools:

  • Best prices  - for the product in the marketplace
  • Best brands - which are most attractive to schools and students
  • Best service  - including ability to effectively deliver to members, and understanding school  and canteen requirements
  • Quality products – that already have a record of success in the school environment

Additionally ASCA also offers:

  • Workshops and advice to maximize your school’s purchasing effectiveness
  • Newsletters with up to date supplier information and promotions
  • Events and networks meetings to meet suppliers and network with peers
  • Special Benefits for School Canteens designed to streamlining canteen efficiency and effectiveness

Canteen Membership Benefits

Full Members of ASCA can access ASCA’s Canteen Membership service. It is available to schools that operate a canteen. If your school canteen is run by a catering company, we can also offer your canteen operator an ASCA Canteen Associate membership.

Canteen benefits include:

  • Favourite brands: ASCA has negotiated discounts on popular products that people trust and love.
  • Extensive product range: Schools enjoy access to  the best selection of brands and products.
  • Time management: We have taken the legwork out for independent buyers.
  • More variety in one delivery: Less orders, less deliveries, less invoices.
  • Special deals: Available each term, only from your local area distributor and ASCA suppliers.
  • Increase profit: Enjoy member discounts with ASCA suppliers.
  • Member rewards: Better Choices Loyalty Program.
  • Special VIP events: 100% Club
  • Accreditation program: ASCA's 5 Star program is the only national quality accreditation for school canteens in Australia. Value $1000 – FREE to members
  • Productivity: Use ASCA partner, Flexischools or Munch Monitor, for Parent ordering and payments to save time, and get an ASCA discount
  • Information and experts: Access ASCA newsletters and experienced ASCA consultants to help you improve your canteen’s performance.
  • Staff and volunteer benefits: Take advantage of ASCAplus where special ASCA suppliers provide discounts for school staff and volunteers

We're proud of our successes in delivering these benefits to schools and canteens and strive to continue to deliver great results for our members.

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