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All members of ASCA are entitled to order from ASCA preferred suppliers, and receive the additional discounts and benefits available to members.

There are two types of suppliers:

  • Canteen suppliers which provide food and beverages for the school canteen and tuckshop, or for elsewhere in the school – these suppliers can be accessed by ASCA full members or One Stop Shop members.
  • School suppliers which provide products and services for the school, generally including: office supplies and services, systems and technology, property and facilities, education resources for departments such as music and art, parent purchases from the school and its suppliers, and staff benefits.

Click on the Canteen Suppliers or School Suppliers menu choices to see the categories of ASCA suppliers, and also specific supplier offers and discounts available.


The staff of ASCA member schools can purchase from suppliers in the Staff Benefits category of School Suppliers - look up the ASCAplus page for details of benefits. Staff can access this information by registering on the website or by using the generic school login details.