ASCA in the Media

ASCA regularly undertakes surveys and research into school purchasing and the management of school canteens. Our experience with schools makes us well-positioned to make comment to the media.

From working closely with schools and suppliers, ASCA has gained a sound understanding of the delicate balancing act canteens are required to undertake, in order to provide healthy options for students while ensuring the canteen at least breaks even. Because of our experience with canteens and with suppliers, we have gained a strong reputation as a viable authority on canteens and we are often invited to comment on various developments in this sector.

Below are some articles featuring ASCA. Recent press releases and media articles are available to members.

ASCA launched Celebrate Canteen Week and radio and local newspapers highlight the work of canteen staff in local schools

"A week to say thanks", Quest Community News

  • Education Matters - "Can the school canteen survive?", by David Edwards, ASCA CEO, February 2012

Can The School Canteen Survive?

  • Radio 2UE - Interview on School Canteens by David Edwards, ASCA CEO, July 2012

School canteens are important parts of the school community and if we raise expectations too high about their role in fighting obesity, then some canteens may go out of business

  • "The Project", Channel 10 - Appearance by David Edwards, ASCA CEO, December 2011

David Edwards discusses with The Project panel the value of volunteers in school canteens, and talks about some of the challenges in attracting and keeping volunteers.