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ASCA focuses on improving financial outcomes for schools.

ASCA is well-known for its work in helping school canteens run more profitably. Whilst running and managing the school canteen internally has numerous benefits, from time to time this option is not the school’s preferred choice.

ASCA understands this, and to assist schools that are considering outsourcing their canteens to contractors, ASCA has developed a list of Criteria for Canteen Management incorporating the three main areas of consideration: price, quality and service. These criteria are designed as a guide to assist you in ascertaining the best catering firm for your school and to help you avoid the risks.

Catering Firms

Catering firms wishing to become Associate Members should contact ASCA.

Benefits for catering firms are:

  • Membership of ASCA ensures access to the best suppliers and prices
  • ASCA can provide independent accreditation at no cost (normal cost for non-members is $1000)
  • ASCA recommends schools only use catering firms that are members of ASCA

Key Considerations:

A number of catering firms are members of ASCA. It is in the interest of the school to insist on ASCA membership for the catering company for the following reasons:

  • ASCA does its own due diligence on catering firms before admitting them as members
  • ASCA membership ensures that the firm uses quality suppliers
  • ASCA’s low supplier prices maximise the opportunity for the firm to increase profits and the school to optimise its income without compromising quality and service.
  • Catering firms are encouraged to be independently assessed by ASCA in order to gain ASCA's 5 Star Accreditation

ASCA can provide a list of catering companies who are already ASCA members for your reference.

Key points considered by catering companies

There are some key points that catering companies take into consideration to assist in determining the rates of rebate offered to schools. Rates will vary according to:

  • Primary vs. secondary schools. Large contractors will rarely look at a Primary school with under 500 students
  • Enrolment numbers and student mix. Senior secondary schools (Yrs 10-12) have the highest spend rate, but shortest year
  • Proximity of the school to shops, and the school’s policy re students accessing shops
  • Length of contract


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