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Schools ask: where to next on the energy journey?

School energy costs are firmly back in the spotlight following significant jumps in 2017. In a trend echoed around the country many schools within Victoria, for instance, have seen between 16% and

24% increase in their cost of energy as contracts rolled over. Significantly higher than recent years this escalation will result in tens of thousands of dollars in additional operational expenses for schools nationally.

Seven ways to entertain, educate and engage

We all love movies, but have you ever thought you could use a portable cinema system at your school all year round, and not just for movies and fun?

1. Fundraising events

It comes as no surprise that school parents’ organisations love outdoor cinema. Movie night is a great event which can be a major fundraising activity, it is easier to organise than a school fete, it is guaranteed to draw crowds and bring so much needed cash to your school.  

ASCA launches first national cookbook

On Wednesday 17 May, ASCA launched it's first cookbook Food for Thought with help from two-time olympic gold madalist Cate Campbell. The book is the first of its kind in Australia, designed specifically for school canteens.

With over 200 pages of resource information and recipes, approximately 2000 copies will be distributed free of charge to schools across Australia.

The cookbook has been written in association with Queensland chef, Alison Taafe, and specifically designed for schools struggling to comply with new state government healthy eating guidelines.

5 Reasons why the best schools implement painting maintenance plans


by Higgins Coatings

Regardless of your school’s ethos, educational model, location or size, painting maintenance is an important aspect that directly affects your students, their parents, current and potential investors and your teachers. There are two approaches to school maintenance; addressing needs as they arise, or implementing a preventative plan. 

While the differences between the two may sound negligible, the reality is starkly different. Here are five reasons why best schools implement a long term painting maintenance plan:

5 things about food allergies in Australia

There is a good chance that a number of students in your school are affected by food allergies. According to the ABS, 17% of Australians now avoid particular foods due to an allergy or intolerance. That’s a whopping 7.3 million Australians!

Understanding the problem and knowing what to do is important, and could save someone’s life. So here are 5 things you need to know about food allergies in Australia.

1. Food allergy vs food intolerance

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA) has put a poster together for display in school canteens. It includes helpful tips and strategies to assist students with food allergies to choose the lowest risk items from the canteen.

The checklist is available from on the Shop page.

Big food companies in school canteens

The Age recently published an article about big food companies muscling in on the lucrative school canteen industry.

ASCA CEO David Edwards had an opportunity to share ASCA's views on the subject. Read the article here:

Healthy canteens

Recently, ASCA CEO David Edwards was interviewed on ABC Radio about healthy canteens generally, and specifically the ACT Government decision to ban certain drinks with sugar content. Keep reading for David's response to the role canteens play in healthy choices.

Schools and school canteens do play an important role in helping children make the right choices about what they eat and drink, but in the end the answer to childhood obesity lies with parents, education about diet, and increased activity.

ASCA believes in a staged approach in school canteens:

Celebrate Canteen Week is here!

Lots of activities are taking place across the country to say 'thanks' to our wonderful canteen staff and volunteers as part of Celebrate Canteen Week. Di at Watsonia PS in Victoria is giving a free lollie snake with every lunch purchased and has managed to double her orders. And, our National Ambassador, Olympic Gold Medallist, Natalie Cook (pictured right) has been visiting schools to get everyone excited!

If you've got some great ideas to share with your fellow canteens, leave a comment below.

Keep up the great work everyone!

Celebrate Canteen Week

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Celebrate Canteen Week is getting closer by the minute and we're getting really excited - lots of schools have signed up to be part of the Week.

Visit the Celebrate Canteen Week page in the Events menu and you can: